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German numbers, months, seasons, German hours, words, adjectives, colors

Hello dear friends. As for learning German, it is usually the first time you start to speak German, German numbers, months, seasons, German hours, words, ...

German Hours (die uhrzeit), Do not Say German Clocks, Wie spät ist es?

In this lesson we will deal with the German clocks. First of all, I would like to emphasize that it is the most precious to speak German in order to say time in German.

German Numbers

In this lesson we will show German numbers from 1 to 100. In the second part of the lesson we will see German numbers after 100, some ...

German Self-Introduction Codes

In this lesson we will give you some information about introducing yourself in German and giving information about ourselves in German. German We introduce ourselves ...

German Days, Days of German Week (Wochentage)

In the first lessons like this, in terms of getting acquainted with the words in German, as well as the German days in terms of not requiring any prior knowledge ...

German Aylar and German Seasons

German Days and German seasons are worthy friends who will see German days, months and seasons. German months, seasons and days ...

Accurate Motivation in English Teaching with Successful Engel Practice

With language training, the individuals who will be able to make their career steps faster will have a very good ...

German Course Book


German Present Time (Präsens) and German Cümleler

GERMAN PRIMARY TIME (Präsens) Lecturing, Sample Sentences and Exercises In this course, both in terms of ease and use in everyday life too Z

German Personal Pronouns

PERSONAL PRONOMANTS IN GERMAN (PERSONAL PRONOMENE) In this lesson we will examine German personal pronouns. Personal pronouns can be tailored to them instead of private or genre names ...

German possessive pronouns

GERMAN FUTURE TIME (GERMAN FANTASTIC TIME) What is Possession Hijiri? Possessive pronouns (possessive pronouns) are pronouns that indicate ownership over the name. For example ...

How to Learn the Most Basic Terms in English

When you start learning English, you start with the English level a1. At this level there are only those who know the basic basic words. The first step is to know iz

Talking in English like your mother tongue is no longer a miracle

There are many ways to learn English, whether in business or school life. How to learn English in mind? … To find the answer

German Translation

German Translation The foreign language is a frequently sought-after criterion in the world, and international agreements and projects ...

English Molds

Are You Concerned to Learn English? Many people are prejudiced about English, although we are given as much importance as necessary in our country. Because of the reason ...

German Occupations

In this lesson, we will learn the German professions valuable students. Different uses are seen according to the sex of the person who makes profession in German professions.

German Colors

We will learn colors in German and colors in German.

German Songs

In this article titled German songs and lyrics we have some songs and lyrics from German in the sense that they are ear-familiar to you.

German Kelimeler

In German, we use the daily conversation patterns frequently used in daily life, greetings and farewell sentences, daily words, categorized ...