German Occupations


In this lesson, we learn German professions valuable students. Different professions are used according to the gender of the individual who makes profession in German professions. If a teacher is a teacher, then another is spoken to the lady. In front of the gentlemen is used in front of the gentlemen and in front of the ladies is used with die artifact. You will have more detailed information about German professions.

German Occupations

Now we will give you information about German professions, esteemed friends.
German professions are based on a great deal of memorization. In the first step, memorize the German of the most used professions in daily life and examine the sentence setup lessons and use them in the sentence by establishing the German vocabulary names in German sentences and learn the German profession names by sex , because in German many members of the profession are differentiated from the members of the male and female members, for example, the male teacher and the female teacher are different.

Below are the most commonly used German profession names for both men and women.

Esteemed friends are listed according to the alphabetical order of the German professions in the table below.
Of course, it is not possible to list all the professions thoroughly. We list the most used and experienced professions in daily life.

If you write the German professions you want to add in the comment field below, we add to the table below.

der Soldat die Soldatin Asker
der Koch die Köchin Cook
der Rechtsanwalt die Rechtsanwältin Avukat
der Friseur die Friseure Barber, hairdresser
der Informatiker die Informatikerin Computer engineer
der Bauer die Bäuerin Farmer
der Arzt die Ärztin Doctor
der Apotheker die Apothekerin Pharmacist
der Hausmann die Hausfrau Housekeeper, housewife
der Kellner die kellnerin Garson
der Journalist die journalist Journalist
der Richter die Richterin Hakim
der Geschäftsmann die Geschäftsfrau Business man
der Feuerwehrmann die Feuerwehrfrau Fireman
der Metzger die Metzgerin Butcher
der Beamter die Beamtin Memur
der Friseur die Friseurin Hairdresser
der Architekt die Architektin architect
der Ingenieur die Ingenieurin Engineer
der Musiker die Musikerin Musician
der Schauspieler die Schauspielerin Player
der Student die Studentin Student (university)
der Schüler die Schülerin Student (high school)
der Lehrer die Lehrerin Teacher
der Chef die Chefin Patron
der Pilot die Pilotin Pilot
der Polizist die Polizistin Polis
der Politiker die politician Politician
der Maler die Malerin Painter
der Saatsanwalt die Saatsanwaltin Savcı
der Fahrer die fahrerin Chauffeur
der Dolmetscher die dolmetscherin Interpreter
der Schneider die Schneiderin Terzi
der Kauffmann die Kauffrau Trader, tradesman
der Tierarzt der Tierarztin veterinary
der Schriftsteller die Schriftstellerin Author

Above, the most commonly used German profession names for both men and women are listed.
Professions are used in front of men, and women are used in darts.

German Occupations Illustrated

we now offer some of the professions in German with illustrations.
The use of visuals in lessons contributes to better conception of the learners and better understanding and memorization of the subject. For this reason, carefully examine the following German vocabulary as well as the visuals in the following picture.

German Occupations

German Occupations

German Occupations

German Occupations

German Occupations

German Occupations

Conventions Related to German Crafts

  • Ich bin Pilot: I am pilot (bay)
  • Ich bin Lehrerin: I am a teacher (lady)
  • Du bist Lehrer: You (your teacher)
  • Ich bin Metzgerin: I am the butcher (lady)
  • Ich bin Friseur: I am a barber (bay)
You can ask for anything you want to ask about German professions as a member of our German forums, you can get help from our trainers or other forum members.
We wish superior successes.

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